Riding Pace

This information is intended to help you select the ride group that is right for you.

A     20+     mph
B     18-20 mph
B-   16-18 mph
C+   15-17 mph
C     14-16 mph
C-   13-15 mph
Social +  12-14 mph
Social     10-13 mph

What do the numbers mean?   For example, 13-15 mph means that, if there was no wind or hills, you must capable of maintaining a 15 mph pace for the entire ride.   Speeds are expected to be higher downhill and/or with a tailwind.   Likewise, they will be slower going uphill and/or into a strong headwind.

The speeds shown are not the average speed and not all ride-paces are expected to be available at every ride start.  The average speed is lower than the ride pace due to stops for traffic, water breaks, etc.

Rides are usual two hours long including a short rest break near the middle of the ride.   Short water stops are expected, especially in hot weather.  If you are concerned about ride distance or when the ride is expected to end, ask the ride leader before the ride starts.

If you are new to riding with the SLBC groups, your initial rides should be at lower paced group until you are confident that you can ride with a faster group.  Please follow this recommendation as a courtesy to the other members of the ride group.  We have a policy of not leaving a slow rider behind; therefore, the entire group has to slow down to the pace of a slow rider.

Riders need to understand that the faster ride groups often ride hilly routes and you need to have experience in making proper use of the gears built into you bike to keep up with the group. (Odell Circle east of Morse is a good area to practice hills and gear shifting before you ride with the faster groups)

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