Lessons from the Micanopy Away Ride.

The Micanopy away ride occurred on March 1, 2017. The ride was split into two sections. The ride included a wide range of cycling ability. Several times during the ride, large gaps developed between the first and second sections; well into the ride, a major split developed in the second section. Continue reading “Lessons from the Micanopy Away Ride.”

Leader/Sweep Meeting 2.13.17 Agenda

63 leaders and sweeps met at the Eisenhower Recreation Center on 2.13.17 for training and discussion. The club thanks these leaders/sweeps for both attending the meeting and participating in the discussions. There are now a total of 97 persons on the leader/sweep list.  By signing up for the Leader/Sweep list meeting, the club expects that you will lead or sweep rides as either the primary leader/sweep or as a section leader/sweep.
Please review the agenda from the meeting by clicking below:

Team Effort Required for a Good SLBC Group Ride

A good group ride requires a team effort from all members of the ride.  The lack of a team effort can make a group ride a bad experience.  On Saturday (9/24) the C+ ride group had its first experience with 3 rides sections under the trial period for the 8 riders per section trial period.  During the ride, the structure of the ride fell apart.  Our club rides require a team effort from all of the members of the ride.

Your Duties as a Member of The Team: