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Ed Brandt’s Memorial Service

Additional info from Dr. Mirkin &

Ed Brandt’s family has planned a memorial service for Ed:

Monday, July 17, 2017
4:00 PM
Sea Breeze Rec Center

Signup to let Ed’s family know if you are planning to attend.
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The following was provided by Ed’s wife, Cindy. Continue reading “Ed Brandt’s Memorial Service”

Dr Mirkin Bike Accident

Read article from July 2 2017,

The following is from an email from Bob Jordan:


Gabe was in a van-bike wreck this morning [Monday, 6/26/2016]. He was on Winifred BLVD. Two cars were parked on the opposite side of the street. A contractor van approached from behind the parked cars, swung out to pass them, and collided with Gabe. He went down when van hit him with the driver side door. EMS took him to The Villages Regional Hospital ER where he was X-Rayed. Continue reading “Dr Mirkin Bike Accident”

Golf Cart Driver Hits Cyclist with Beverage Can

This occurred about 12:30 PM on Friday, June 9, 2017 on Belvedere Blvd.  This happened to a southbound orange-clad cyclist and was witnessed by Dave Taylor, who was in a car at the time.  For more detail, read the letter from Dave to Lt. Seimer (Sumter County Sheriff’s Department). Continue reading “Golf Cart Driver Hits Cyclist with Beverage Can”

Warrior Grind Cycling Challenge, 2017

Our Kay Carver is cycling the 2017 event and she is encouraging ours to sign up for this event.  She is also looking for donors and sponsors.  Kay cycled this event in 2015 (See the 2015 YouTube video).  It is 250 miles in 36 hours.    Read more about the 2017 event scheduled for October 14-15.  You can contact Kay at: