Spartan Warrior Ride Recap 2017

On Friday, May 19 2017, the SLBC conducted a special ride for the Villagers for Veterans club. Veterans, who participated in the Spartan Warrior Weekend, were guest cyclists supported by many SLBC volunteers. The ride was a 10 mile loop that started at the Eisenhower Rec Center. The Sumter County Sheriff provided traffic control at the Pinellas – Buena Vista roundabout. Thanks to Kay Carver for coordinating this event. Continue reading “Spartan Warrior Ride Recap 2017”

SLBC Highway Clean-up, May 21, 2017

On Sunday, May 21 2017, a crew of volunteers cleaned up Rainey Trail that has been adopted by the SLBC for several year.  It was a hot day and the crew collected 12 bags for trash.  Thanks to our volunteers we have a clean adopted highway and have increased the pubic recognition of the Sumter Landing Bicycle Club. Continue reading “SLBC Highway Clean-up, May 21, 2017”