SLBC President’s Message

Message to SLBC Membership on Merger Discussion
From comments we have received and people that we have spoken with, many members appear to believe that that a merger of the SLBC and the TVBC has already been decided and the Joint Merger Committee is merely working on the details of how to implement it. I am writing this to tell you that is not accurate and we will plan to get everyone’ views on any potential merger, and, if the idea still has merit, seek and incorporate comments on any potential merger proposal and have the memberships vote on any plan to merge. Continue reading “SLBC President’s Message”

Update on Merger Study, July 3rd


Scroll to the bottom of the page to read the comments of the SLBC members. Scroll to the end of the page to enter your comments. One comment states: “This is YOUR club; take control by letting the committees know what you think and want from your club leadership.””

Update on Merger Study: The SLBC TVBC Joint Merger Study Committee Meeting

The SLBC TVBC Joint Merger Study Committee met at 4:00 on Monday, July 3, 2017 Continue reading “Update on Merger Study, July 3rd”

SLBC President’s Message on Potential Merger

The  Villages Bicycle Club – Sumter Landing Bicycle Club Joint Merger Exploratory Committee met for the first time on Tuesday, Jun 20. Representing  SLBC were John Komoroske (SLBC president), Dave Lawrence, Howie Johnson and Kay Carver. Present for TVBC were Chris Schmidt, Bob Kraus, Pam Powell and Paul Ratliff. The moderator was Dave Taylor, a long-time member of both clubs. The meeting started with introductions by each in attendance. It then discussed the many advantages and many difficulties of a potential merger. The group concluded that concerns discussed do not present issues that would prevent a merger, and that potential benefits support continuing discussion. Continue reading “SLBC President’s Message on Potential Merger”

Potential Bicycle Club Merger

The Village Bike Club and the Sumter Landing Bike Club are forming a group to explore whether a merger of the two clubs is a good idea, and if so, how to do it. The Village Bicycle Club President Chris Schmidt and two members of his club with be joined by Sumter Landing Bike Club members John Komoroske, Dave Lawrence and Howie Johnson.  Dave Taylor, an active member of both clubs, will provide additional perspective to the group. They plan to first meet in June, and club members are encouraged to give their ideas on a possible merger to the group’s members before that meeting Continue reading “Potential Bicycle Club Merger”