Bike Safety & Health

Bike Safety

Click Here   to view and print our SLBC Safe Riding Rules and Tips

Click Here for John Komoroske’s article on Bike Safety in the March 2017 POA

Click Here How to Bicycle in Traffic, Parts 1 & 2 of article by Dave Lawrence from the

Click Here Lane width important for bicyclists, cars sharing the road

Click Here to view Dave Lawrence’s Sharing The Road Tips handout

Click Here  for short Safety Video

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Click Here for Bicycle Traffic Law on Florida Bicycle Assoication webstire

Click Here for  Florida Bicycle Laws 2016

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 Click Here for Fitting Your Helmet in 6 Easy Steps  

 Click Here for Should You Wear a Helmet? Brain Injury Info

 Click Here for 10 Tips for Successful Cycling (from Florida Bicycle Association) 

Click Here   to view and print  2014 SLBC Smart Cycling Series Education  handouts

Click Here  to view and print Aug 7, 2014 Safety Update

Click Here  to view and print Feb 14, 2014 Safety Update

Click Here  to  view or print the March 2014 Paceline Rules provided by Dave Super


Golf Cart Safety 

If you missed the new VHA video on Golf Cart Safety, here is the link


Bike Maintenance

Click Here  for 10 things you should check before you ride

Click Here   for 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bike Work Like New

Click Here  for  12 simple but vital repairs you can master with basic tools Click Here  for  Articles about Bicycle Repair by Sheldon “Fixit” Brown


Biking Health

Sunscreen Ratings: We all know we need to sunscreen while cycling. But which one? See the ratings by a well respected national magazine.

CLICK HERE for 7 Ways to Manage Knee Pain From Cycling 

Click Here  for exercises for sore necks after rides

Click Here   for Dr. Gabe Merkin’s Website Dr. Gabe is a member of our club and has made several presentations at our club meetings.

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