Cycling Education

We want to bring the best of the meaningful Cycling Education information available to this convenient webpage.  If you have suggestions on how to make this new webpage better, please send an email to email@SLBike.Club.

CLICK HERE How to Bicycle in Traffic, Parts 1 & 2 of article by Dave Lawrence from the

CLICK HERE to see the SLBC Sharing the Road flyer authored by Dave Lawrence that was designed as a handout for new Village residents, etc.

CLICK HERE to see the archive of Safety messages from the weekly SLBC emails to our membership.

By Florida law, bicycles are vehicles.  If you are riding you bike or driving your motor vehicle, you need to follow the same rules in Roundabouts.  CHICK HERE to view the official brochure.

The League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling videos will help you understand how to ride safely, improve comfort, find the right bike and gear, and your rights as a bicyclist.

The “Info for Bicyclists” pages on the Florida Bicycle Association website has valuable information.  The SLBC is a member of this association.

Click Here  for a pair of short Safety Videos proving the need for calling out debris and wearing helmets.  The second video was captured by Dave Taylor on one of our club rides.  Our database on cycling accidents in the vicinity of The Villages only contains one fatality and that accident did not occur on a club ride and the cyclist was not wearing a helmet.

Click Here for Team Effort Required for a Good SLBC Group Ride

Click here to learn about break facilities during our bike rides and how we should be good neighbors.