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Health benefits of cycling: It’s one of the most effective workouts you’ll ever do. Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise. It builds strength, muscle tone, stamina, improves cardio-vascular fitness, eats up calories, and reduces stress.  For people with hip and/or knee problems, cycling (and/or pool exercise) is recommended by the medical profession.  For good health you need to exercise and push your limits; riding in a group helps you push your limits more than solo rides.

A wide variety of club rides:

Regularly scheduled rides: (See the Home page for the schedule).

Special Destination Rides:  These rides start and end in The Villages.   Some of the special destinations include a group lunch or breakfast.  Other special rides go to interesting destinations near The Villages such as the Dam Diner, Eaton’s Beach, the Yalaha Bakery, Royal, Sumter County Fair, and the Dade Battle Ground.

Away Rides:  We haul our bikes to a location outside The Villages, ride our bikes, meet for lunch, and then haul our bikes back to The Villages.  Included are the Withlacoochee Tail, West Orange Trail, and Florida National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

Multi-Day Rides:  One example is the December 2014 three-day Tour de Disney ride that started and ended in The Villages; click here for details.  Another example is the July 2015 Michigan Magic Away Ride; click here for details.

Club member discounts at local bike stores:

To see special discounts that the Village Cycles is offering at their two locations within The Villages, click here.

To see special discounts at the David’s World Cycle, click here.

For the Santos Bike Shop website, click here.

Special MVP Athletic Club discount for our bike club membersclick here


A portion of your membership dues are used to pay for bicycling accident medical coverage.  In the event you are injured during a ride conducted by the SLBC club, this secondary insurance helps pay medical expenses not covered by your primary medical insurer and is subject both to a deductible and a maximum benefit. This insurance does not cover cycling related injuries incurred getting to an SLBC ride start, after leaving an SLBC ride during its conduct or after completion of the official ride. This insurance is provided through the League of American Bicyclists.  It also does not cover you if you ride with another club (The Villages Bicycle Club, etc.).

For example: “Unfortunately, I was involved in a biking accident on a (TVBC) club ride about 4 or 5 years ago. I was airlifted to Orlando with a several broken bones. The bill for the helicopter was $25,000 alone. Someone in the club mentioned the club ride insurance to help cover expenses not covered by my health insurance. The insurance company was very easy to work with. I do remember that I had to furnish two witnesses and statements of out of pocket expenses that I incurred. The insurance company pays up to $10,000. They were prompt to reimburse me and very understanding. The $10 club dues is a great investment.” Linda Schmalz

Safer cycling: Education of both motor-vehicle drivers and bicyclists on safety.  This effort includes liaison with The Villages Recreation Department, local news media, law enforcement, and other units of government.

Social events:  We usually have two Dinner/Dance events a year such as the Valentines event and Welcome Back Snowbirds event.  Many members meet for coffee and other beverages after the regularly scheduled rides.   The refreshments provided after our monthly meeting is another opportunity to socialize.

Member Roster access:  After becoming a member, you have access to our Member Roster that contains the contact information that you and your fellow members provided when you joined the club.  All you have to do is log into this website and select the “View Club Members” menu button in the “Members Only” area

Classified Ads:  Opportunity to post messages to buy, sell or trade equipment, apparel, etc.  It’s free and unlimited.

The SLBC was founded in June 2005.

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