For your convenience, our most common questions are answered right here.

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Will you help me sell a bicycle? Club members can list can list bicycles for sale on our website. Other websites where you can post bicycles for sale ads are www.villages-news.com and Craigs List (Ocala). Currently the posting of bicycles for sale on this website it open to the general public. If this abused, we will have to limit posting to club members only.

Where can I rent a bicycle? Village Cycles rents bikes. They have two locations that are both golf-cart-accessible to The Villages. The Wildwood branch of David’s World Cycle is located very close to The Villages and they rent bikes.  The Inverness branch of David’s World Cycle, which is located on the Withlacoochee bike trail and only 21 miles from Brownwood, also rents a different set of bikes that the Wildwood branch.  Another cycle shop in the area indicating that they rent bikes is Santos Bicycles. Don’t forget that you will need a helmet and mirror. Click Here to see bikes for sale by members of the SLBC.

Why are mirrors required on club rides? You likely would not purchase a car that did not have a rear-view or side mirrors! The reason is simple…  You need to periodically check to see what’s behind or to either side of the car. Safely driving your two wheeled vehicle (bicycle) requires the same, if not greater awareness of your surroundings. Changing lanes, merging into traffic and navigating our roundabouts are situations which require awareness of traffic to the rear. When riding in a group every member of that group needs to periodically check behind them and make sure the other members of the group are still back there. They need to shout to the ride leader when a split has developed or a member has a problem. New riders… Mirrors are recommended but not required for your first ride with our club.

How can I get SLBC Jerseys, etc.? CLICK HERE.

Is my contact information (email addresses, etc.) shared with anyone outside the club? We do not share your contact information with anyone.  Active members can login to the SLBC website and view the Member Roster. They can also search for a member by name to get their email address or email them through the website. NOTE: We have shared a member “names-only” list with the Village Cycles since they provide special discounts to our club members and they need a way to verify that you are a member. Because we need to treat all local bike shops equally, we will provide the same “names-only” list to any local bike shop that provides special discounts to our members and requests the list.

Will you post my event or news story on the SLBC website? A set of rules has evolved dealing with this issue. If your news story or event meets the rules, we will post it. CLICK HERE for more information.