New Rider Info

Come along and enjoy a group bicycle ride.
You do not have to be a club member for your first ride.

Our goal is to provide “Safe, Healthy, Fun Cycling in and near The Villages”. This includes regularly scheduled group bike rides most days of the week. See our Home page for our regular ride schedule and ride start locations.

Our group rides consist of groups of riders organized by the pace they feel comfortable riding. The A pace group is the fastest at 20+ mph and the Social Group is at the casual end of the pace spectrum. The Social Group is an entry level group. There are several ride groups between the two. Most rides last approximately 2 hours and usually have a mid-point break during the ride. Many of the rides take a route outside The Villages on scenic two-lane country roads, some with hills, and some with traffic. See our Riding Pace definitions webpage for more info.

If a ride group is large, they will organize into ride sections. The Ride Leader will head the first section. Section Leaders will lead the following sections. There will be a Sweep for each section.

For rides leaving from Lake Sumter Landing, riders often socialize after the rides at the Pavilion near the Lake Sumter Landing square or at TooJay’s.

Here is what you need:

  • Helmets are required.
  • Mirrors are highly recommended for your first ride and required for subsequent rides.
  • There two SLBC liability waivers. CLICK HERE to view.  You will be asked to sign one of the waivers at the ride start.
  • See our Home page for locations and times of regularly scheduled rides.
  • Don’t forget to bring a water bottle(s) for hydration.

Here is what is expected:

  1. Before your first group ride, you should review the SLBC Safe Riding Rules and Tips. CLICK HERE to view and/or print.
  2. For you first group ride with our club, we routinely suggest a slower, more comfortable pace. This provides the best opportunity for you to integrate to our safe group riding practices. Avoid the urge to begin your first ride at a pace that may be a challenge. On subsequent rides, try a faster ride group. Please understand the faster ride groups travel more miles, often ride hilly routes and you may need more experience to keep up. Our club has a “No Drop” policy meaning we do not leave a slow rider behind without the concurrence of that slow rider; therefore, a slow rider shows the entire group. For many first riders, starting with the Social Group for their first club ride is the best choice.
  3. For your first group ride, arrive at least 15 minutes early and ask a club member to point out the Ride Starter.
  4. See the Ride Starter to sign the waiver.
  5. The Ride Starter or a designated club member will introduce you to the Ride Leader of the group that you decide to ride with.  If you are concerned about the ride distance or time duration ask the ride leader.
  6. The Ride Leader will partner you with a mentor (if available) to help answer questions and ride with you to offer any needed clarification on our club safe riding practices.
  7. While enjoying the ride, follow the rules for your safety and the safety of others in the group. Observe and learn from the experienced members of your ride group.
  8. Take advantage of any social gatherings after the ride. It’s as much about the friends we make as the exercise.

If you are interested in joining our club, you do it on this website. CLICK HERE

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