Away Ride Archive

We need volunteers to step forward and organize away rides.  These rides could be as simple as a ride on the Withlacoochee Trail (or West Orange Trail), followed by lunch at a local restaurant. No routes, ride leaders, or sweeps are need for these simple rides.  We simply meet at the trail-head, then ride in one directions for a predetermined amount of time, then ride back to the trail-head.  The hardest part of the plan is making a reservation at a local restaurant for lunch.

“My fellow bike club members, ask not what your bike club can do for you, ask what you can do for your bike club.”  It is our volunteers who made the SLBC a great club.

For more complex Away Rides, see the achieve below.  Only rides are shown where a volunteer provided the info to the webmaster.  There are several rides that have a photo album assoicated with them are the list on our Photos/Videos webpage instead of this page.

Away Ride & Special Destination Ride Archive

The links shown below is to the documentation to rides completed by our club.

5/1/2016 Summary & photos of May 2016 Spring Fling 5-Day Away Ride.

4/20/2016 Clermont Away Ride by Beland click here
3/5/2016 Yahala Bakery Ride click here
Dec 2016 Dunedin Getaway Ride click here
5/25/2015 Special Memorial Day Away Ride click here
5/20/2015 To Santos Trailhead, Allan Broadribb, click here
5/18/2015 Gainesville-Hawthorn Trail, Sandy Larson click here
5/6/2015 Sugarloaf, Allan Broadribb click here
4/8/2015 Circle Lake Dore, Sand Larson click here
3/4/2015 River Ratz Ride, Bill Beland CLICK HERE
2/23/2015 Eaton’s Beach Ride, Sandy Larson CLICK HERE
2/7/2015 Stumpknocker’s on The River, Away Ride; Sandy Larson  click here
12/9/2014 Tour de Disney, multi-day ride organized by Sandy Larson  click here
Disney Maps  click here
8/6/2014 Juniper Springs, Away Ride; Sandy Larson click here
6/4/2014 Invernness Ride, Away Ride; Sandy Larson click here
5/7/2014 Minneola Ride, Away Ride; Sandy Larson  click here
3/1/2014  YALAHA BAKERY AWAY RIDE, Jack Logomarsino  click here