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Your bike club needs more Ride Leaders, Section Leaders and Sweeps.

New 2017 Leader/Sweep List

We need to create a new leader/sweep listing. The current list is outdated with many of the people no longer active with the club. If you are a ride leader, section leader or sweep, or if you are thinking of helping, please join this list. With our seasonal and snowbird members back in The Villages we need your help.

By joining this list you will receive periodic leader/sweep updates and invitations to our semi annual leader/sweep meetings.

CLICK HERE to join the new 2017 leader/Sweep list.

CLICK HERE to view the list.

What is a Section Leader?  How is it different than a Ride Leader?

When a club ride group (e.g., C+) has a large number of riders (11 or more), it is divided into sections of 8 or fewer riders. The Ride Leader will be in the first section along with a Sweep.  Each of following sections will have a Section Leader and a Sweep.  A minimum gap will be maintained between sections to make it safer for cars and pickup trucks towing trailers to pass the cyclists on two lane roads.  The Ride Leader is responsible for the overall ride, including the route, the riding pace, water breaks, and mid-ride break.  The Section Leader is responsible for keeping their section organized and keeping the proper gap between their section and the section in front of them.  The Sweep of each leading section is responsible for the duties of the sweep as well as alerting their Leader of their section that the Gap behind is too large.  The Section Leader does not have to know the route or set the riding pace.

How I do become a Ride Leader or Sweep?

If you have previous experience with Ride Leading or Sweeping with another club, please contact Dave Taylor, SLBC Cycling Director, at dave@2376.us, with your contact information. If you do not have previous experience, it is suggested that you begin as a Section Leader or Section Sweep. To learn more about Section Leading and Sweeping CLICK HERE.

How do I learn the routes?

Pay attention during the ride.  After the ride, use a map and try to trace the ride that you just completed.  Google Maps is an excellent tool for this.  There are also several apps for smart phones that record your ride; examples are Ride with GPS and Strava.    Some other ride routes are shown available on this website; note that the SLBC has a Ride with GPS account. CLICK HERE.

Often times Ride Leaders will lead from the second or third riding position allowing other riders to ride in the first position while the official Ride Leader continues to set the route and pace. Ask your ride Leader if you could take a turn on the front while the Ride Leader continues to be responsible for the route and pace.

Is there a way for me to communicate with the other Leaders & Sweeps?

On this website there is a Leaders/Sweeps category for posting information.  Only a small number of our members have privileges to actually post information.  If you are a Leader and/or Sweep and you want something posted, please send an email to email@SLBike.Club with information that we can copy and paste into a post.  We will use your name in the post and it will appear on the Leaders/Sweeps page under the Post menu.

Other Documents:

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