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If you are not familiar with this process, we suggest that watch this video.  Doing so may save to a lot of time in the long run.

This process uses your email address of record; it will not work for an invalid address.  If necessary, send an email to Email@SLBike.Club and request a change in your email address of record or a temporary password.  If you are already logged into this website, you will not see the Password Recovery form.

Please enter your username or email address.
You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

  • You must check the box above before you proceed. This function keeps robot hackers from hacking our website. Prior to implementing this feature, a robot hacker located in the Ukraine was trying to hack our website.

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Be patient, if you entered a valid E-mail address or Username, it will take a few seconds (10) before “Check you email for the confirmation link” appears in the box above.  If you are not patient and repeat the entry,  you will likely be slowing the operations down and only increasing your frustration.  

Expect that it will take several minutes (as long as 5 minutes) before the password recovery email appears in your personal email inbox.  If it does not appear, check your SPAM folder.  (For Gmail, you may have to select “More” in the left-hand column to view the contents of your SPAM folder).

NOTE:  If this feature does not work for the email address that you entered above, then you are likely using the wrong email address.. The right email address for you is the one where we have been sending the club emails. If you do not know the right email address, then send an email containing your full name and short summary of the problem that you are experiencing to email@SLBike.Club.

For some unknown reason, there may be an “Internal Server Error” occurs after you change your password.  It is likely that your password actually did get changed to the one that you entered and you should try to login,


Sorry, if this feature does not work for the email address that you entered above, then you may be entering a different email address than you used to register OR there is no record that you paid your membership dues and your account was deleted.