Not Getting Your Weekly Email?



Many SLBC memberships expire on 12/31 of each year. In the past we were able to offer a grace period, however, as we transition to our new website it has been necessary to have the expiration date coincide with the end date of the membership. This also applies to our more recent members whose membership expires on the anniversary of their joining. Expired members, whether they are on the 12/31 or the anniversary process will not receive emails after their membership expiration date.

To restart your your SLBC Weekly Update simply rejoin the club using this LINK.

Website Helper for Members

There are a small number of SLBC members and potential members, who lack the confidence and/or computer skills to join the club on-line, renew their memberships, complete their profiles, or purchase dinner/dance tickets on-line.   We need a volunteer(s) to be the contact for those who need help. Continue reading “Website Helper for Members”

Flagler Fondo

September 16-17.  This is a new event located on the Florida Atlantic coast.  Our Ride Director, Nat Haytcher, received an email about this event.  Click Here to see the email.  Note that the location of the ride start is 80 miles from Sumter Landing and a one hour 40 minute drive.  The start times for many of the rides is 7:30 AM.  One option is to spend the night prior to the ride in a nearby motel; the other is to start around 5:30 AM and drive to the ride start the same day. Continue reading “Flagler Fondo”

SLBC President’s Message

Message to SLBC Membership on Merger Discussion
From comments we have received and people that we have spoken with, many members appear to believe that that a merger of the SLBC and the TVBC has already been decided and the Joint Merger Committee is merely working on the details of how to implement it. I am writing this to tell you that is not accurate and we will plan to get everyone’ views on any potential merger, and, if the idea still has merit, seek and incorporate comments on any potential merger proposal and have the memberships vote on any plan to merge. Continue reading “SLBC President’s Message”