Classified Ads

Posting a Classified Ad is relatively easy.

Currently, the public can post Ads on this site; however, if this gets abused, we will restrict the posting of Ads to SLBC members only.  All Ads will be automatically deleted after 90 days.  We will delete all inappropriate Ads.  When you post a new Ad, you will be sent an email with a key so that you can edit your ad; save that emailOnce your item is sold, you need to delete the Ad; otherwise, others will waste their time.

If you want your Ad deleted and you cannot do it yourself, send an email to Email@SLBike.Club

A good photo helps sell you item.  You can post a photo in your Ad; but, has to be less that one megabyte is size.  Also note that a square photo works best.

The Sumter Landing Bicycle Club is not responsible for the content of any of the ads on this site.

—Webmaster 3/18/2016

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