Member’s Suggestion Box

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Your President and Board of Directors want your ideas to improve the SLBC.  You may submit your suggestions (or questions) with your name or anonymously, but if you give your name we can contact you if we have questions or need to discuss your idea with you.  All suggestions will be considered by the Board of Directors for action.

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You do not have to provide your contact information to make a suggestion.  If you do not provide your contact information the form,  your suggestion is truly anonymous.

Periodically we all hear stories about SLBC rules or practices that make us scratch our head and say, “Where did that come from”? Or, “Is that really true”? As these stories surface, we invite club members to submit them to the Board. Use the club’s Suggestion Box and start your story off with “Mythbusters, I heard….” We will do our best to research the story and respond back to all club members